Prisma UK Rep Ltd is about bringing together manufacturers associated with the Electronics industry, with a diverse array of customers throughout the UK and Ireland, primarily to help demand creation and business management whilst offering customers solid advice for technical solutions.

A specialist on Mirco’s, Contract Manufacuring, GPS/GSM/GPRS, Solid State Lighting LED applications and System Integration products [such as ePIR and Ethernet ], Prisma hope to bring value to customers looking to enhance their own offering to the market place.

Closely linked with Prisma SRL, it is possible to offer manufacturers a route into the Italian market with a single point of contact in the UK.

26+ years experience of sales management, marketing and demand creation

Exclusive line card representation offering fully complimentary manufacturers

Good knowledge of the distribution network across Europe

Focused on GREEN initiatives

High discovery rates in emerging markets

Regular activity updates and progress reports with partners

Wide, direct knowledge of customer base in local areas